Sunday, May 29, 2011

Weekend Sketches 03-07

Did some sketches on some scenes from the upcoming Bergwin Tales series with an elephant in it.


Armadillos !

The Playground

Mother and child

Below are some sketches that I did from my trip to Ipoh weeks ago, a city approximately 125 miles north of Kuala Lumpur. I love the cool gazebos that were crowned on the peak of the mountain ! It almost feels as if I'm on the research team for KUNG FU PANDA !!

I also managed to go on a cave expedition at Gua Tempurung(located in the same city) on the same trip with my friends. Not so much of caving, but it was extremely beautiful inside. It was my first time ever exploring the depths of a cave and it was very important for me to stop,feel and understand the speleology of the cave, even if it means holding back my urge to sketch. It was dark anyway and I had to keep up with the tour, so yeah. I just love the intricacy of the cave and the mysteries it offers. I'll be back to the same cave again this coming July, hoping to go for the wet trail and I'm expecting something good out of it !

Oh, and on the other hand, my sketchbook series passed its ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY, which fell on 9th of May 2011 !! Yayyyy !!!! It actually didn't occur to me that this would continue to become a habit of me keeping them in order and marking dates on them, just like how an author would date his series of story books !

Didn't think that I'd make it in the beginning but I now have a total of 10 books ! Still falling short of 2 books though, as it was meant to be a book a month kinda thing, but anyway, I'm still glad it lasted this long, and this is how it's going to be for life !

Here's a photo to mark my little Sketchbooks one year anniversary !! (Two of them are sitting at the CalArts office now)

Over the past one year, I went everywhere with these little guys, learned and grew with them. They mean a whole lot more to me than just papers from the woods. They're my guide, my close friends at heart and I'm blessed to have them with me.

Thank You !!! Love you guys !!!


  1. oh wow those are a lot of sketchbooks! i love these daily doodles so much!
    about how many pages are in each sketchbook and how many do pages do you typically fill daily?

  2. Awesome sketches as usual~! don't know what to comment on... just want to see you post more! :) keep it up yo!

  3. Hey Cup, Thank You !!
    There are about 160 pages in the sketchbook and I usually try to fill up to about 10 pages a day if I could, otherwise it would be less than ten if I'm really caught up with something else, but I always try to make sure I'm done with one book within one or two month at max!

    Teh-O, Thank you !! keep going on your side too !! You're churning out a lot of amazing sketches recently and I can't wait to see what's next !