Thursday, October 8, 2009

"Reanimating the dead"

Did this for a mini competition with the title above , so i came up with this ,
a vampire bite to deliver the dead a new life :D

"Go Get'em Boii !"

Boy taking down evil crows one by one :P

"Lonesome Morning"

Quick experiment on lighting.

"Private Stark"

Haha , didn't even know why would i name this painting Private Stark , nothing special about this , just some fun with colors and all.

"Moment Of The Waking Saint"

The Saint that i depict in this piece are as in the innocence of a little boy whom has no worries to arise with every morning ,living the life of heaven-like with no fears , but every little boy will grow up one day , when you step out into the world you'll have to face fear and worries , with challenges you have to face ,You wake up feeling exhausted and depressed in the morning , with new problems to be solved , you rise up from bed in the morning , and tell yourself , you remember that you'd once had the moment of a waking saint.

* What i'm trying to share in this piece of painting is that we all had this magical moment when we were a kid , when you wake up with no fears and its another new day for you to waste where no one will bother you , And i believe this day will somehow return to us one day with an endless attempt of learning and moving forward to finding your light :)

Its a painting i did for my brother for his 24th birthday , hope he loves it as much as i do :)

Some painting trying to experiment on self-created brushes ..

Did some speed paintings based on lovely references i've got from DA , Love DA Tons !!

"Assassin CREEP"

Tried a fanart on "Assassin creed" but in the face porpotion turned out creepy in the end , so the title explained it all , no offence towards "Assassin Creed's" fan :P

"DarkStalker's Baby Bonnie Hood Tribute"

Loved Baby Bonnie Hood from Capcom's darkstalker , participated in the 2009 contest , in the end i didn't win , but i still love this piece alot , its my baby :)


Hive mind of the abyss,

"The Waking Bird"

Some progress shots :D

Human Creature Design.


Different monster designs try out.

"The Future Girl" sketch :D

"Robot TeaPot"

More Fun !!!!

Just some fun :)

Went to the aquarium for a sketching session with my friends , this is what came up :)

Some expereiment i did on character design , the last image is the combined version of the 1st 3.

Another speed painting , just a robot teasing :)

Some speed painting done with reference.

"Night Of The Dancing Fairies"

When night comes , watch the fairies dance above the shimmering pond.

"Nautillius home"

Painted this for fun , was really happy when painting this , its a story about pixies which stayed in a little island across the sea crossing over to the shore to bring home bigger sea shells to build their new home :)


some fast sketch i did for experimenting.

"Make life a Miracle"

Did this for a DA cancer patient way long back like a year or two ago , turned out that his friend played a prank on DA , he didn't have cancer , so anyway yeah , here it is :-D

I'll still get to my point , life is beautiful , make the best out of it :)
Hi there , decided to start up an Art Blog of my own so i wouldn't have to mingle my artwork along with my personal updates :P

So here are some stuffs , gonna upload accordingly form the old ones to newer ones , enjoy !