Sunday, July 25, 2010

I'm really excited over this new character , "Mrs.Tattenburgh".
A Jolly-Ollie retired mom who's ready to go to school to live a life she never once had back at her childhood days.

I had her carrying with her an adult bag to tell her taste of maturity instead of a normal school bag.She's a fun character to design. I absolutely loved how she turned out!

Another interesting character I designed weeks ago.'Garcia', a hunter, but he doesn't bite.

'Javiere' , a character I designed weeks before Fontane. Look at the previous entry I posted of Fontane , there's one which you can she her dancing with Javiere.(Yes , they have this romance thingy going on within them and I'm still all over it!)

'Judge Dread', literally yes ! Trying out some loose experiment on him to bring out a more prominent side of him (Evil)

Some random sketches I decided to share.

Wow ! Am I not frigging happy to see the gray shades almost done covering all the whites !? It's like watching my own baby grow day by day.It's a pity I didn't get a snap shot of it every day or every week , but I just might start doing it in the next sketchbook.I've been focusing a lot on gestures and body language in my sketches recently , knowing that it's so darn important to breathe a life into your character.

Picked up a book recently called "Force: Character Design from Life Drawing" by Michael D. Mattesi and it teaches really good , like what to look out for in your drawings ,what to observe from your daily life and transcribing them into your own drawings , it's a really cool book ! The other book of the same artist which I didn't have yet is "Force: Dynamic Life Drawing for Animators" .If you really want to be good at gesture drawing I recommend these 2 books. The 1st book improved my drawings exponentially and I really wanna thank Michael D. Mattesi for it and of course many other AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING artists out there!

And for now , many more to draw and I can't wait to get my hands on the the other book!

P.S.: I'll get a scanner as soon as I can so I could share better scans of my works rather than dull camera snaps.

Monday, July 12, 2010

I was having dinner with my friends last Friday after work and while waiting for my food , I took out my sketchbook then this naughty character just popped out of no where without a warning and whooazzaaahh !! It hit me in the head Bull's Eye !

Here's Fontane

Tried various styles on her but I still liked the first one up there.As the experiment goes on , Fontane begins to feel alive , and most of the time , it feels like she's the one who's in control of the pencil in my hand instead of me !

Below is the first sketch of Fontane that came up when I was in the restaurant , the Lady looking up with a fan in her hands. Then I continued filling up the whole page.

Fontane Pastels + Color pencils

Had a whole lot of fun with all these especially the Pastels~

She's still a very vague character now , even to me , but it's going to be fun getting to know her more. Sometimes reversed engineering tends to work just fine , I work on something so loosely and it slowly leads me to something I could never have thought of in the beginning. To me ,It's like making new friends and getting to know them step by step.

More to come soon ~ Stay Tuned ! :)