Sunday, August 15, 2010

So I was supposed to get this updated last Wednesday , but I was extremely tired and I didn't get full access to the internet on the following days due to the poor internet signal.Anyway , this post will make up for it.

Continuing from the 1st day of the Pixar Seminar , on the 2nd day of the Seminar , The 4 speakers who spoke were Paul Topolos(Matte Painter),Amy Allen(Set Modeler/Dresser TD),Martin Nguyen(Simulation/FX TD) and Min Hyung Lee(Lighting TD). Needless to say , they were very awesome of course.Except that Tim Evatt and the other 5 speakers who were there on the 1st day didn't come since they had some other event to attend to :(

Oh and btw, Paul's an extremely great story teller ! He told us bout his childhood days and how he got interested into making films and so on.Well the coolest was that he had all the audiences to greet "Hi, Paul's Mom" waving to his iPhone on a video record mode.That was fun.Again I had the opportunity to talk and get a picture with them but through the ending of the Seminar, I had this sad..poignant feeling inside of me. Strange but yes and I never questioned why it evoked.I wanted more :( .. who would get enough of Pixar .. Anyway ~ all in all it was a good one.Like what I said , much better than what I ever asked for. Go PIXAR ! You guys rock !

So here are some photos of the seminar, including some sketches I did on both days of the seminar.Some of the photos were taken by Hafiz and Hoe Yi.Thanks guys :)

Can't wait for the big event to start !!

The Pixar Crew (Girl in blond's Beth Albright , she's really really nice)

Mike Krummhoefener (The guy with the quote I'll never forget)

I notice how dorky I look in all these pics taken with them but these r actually priceless !!!

Woon Bing,Me,Tim Evatt,Hafiz,Amy Allen

Amy Allen

Martin Nguyen

TOA Tutor,Min Hyung Lee,Me

Some quick sketches I did.

That's Mike Krummhoefner in the middle

Gave myself a theme like what Tim Evatt suggested and ideas never seem to stop flowing in.

Something Random

By The Way ~ Last Tuesday was the completion of my first year anniversary in my company ~ Congratulationsss to meeeeeee ~~~~~~ :)

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