Sunday, June 27, 2010

'Woodberry Falls'

Still madly inspired by what I saw at the Pixar 20th Anniversary exhibition , I did another quick painting , many times I told myself I really have to stop when I'm exceeding my time limit , but I went on with it and it lasted for 2 hours instead of one.

As you can see from the title, I wasn't associating 'Falls' with waterfall , but Autumn.I just liked how the combination of 'Woodberry and Falls' turned out ,It was previously named as "Fall In Woodberry , Autumn in Woodberry , or Woodberry's Fall or any other sorts"

This one has to be one of my favorite among all the other works that I've done.

Lastly, Visiting Pixar's Exhibition gave me lots of courage,strength, inspiration and motivation .I can find no words to describe how grateful,happy and touched I am to be able to be there at the exhibition to witness and study many of the marvelous artworks that are being put up.

Thank you Pixar , any everybody else who made the exhibition possible, Thank you.

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