Thursday, October 8, 2009

"Moment Of The Waking Saint"

The Saint that i depict in this piece are as in the innocence of a little boy whom has no worries to arise with every morning ,living the life of heaven-like with no fears , but every little boy will grow up one day , when you step out into the world you'll have to face fear and worries , with challenges you have to face ,You wake up feeling exhausted and depressed in the morning , with new problems to be solved , you rise up from bed in the morning , and tell yourself , you remember that you'd once had the moment of a waking saint.

* What i'm trying to share in this piece of painting is that we all had this magical moment when we were a kid , when you wake up with no fears and its another new day for you to waste where no one will bother you , And i believe this day will somehow return to us one day with an endless attempt of learning and moving forward to finding your light :)

Its a painting i did for my brother for his 24th birthday , hope he loves it as much as i do :)

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